You might have already read this, but was pretty good that I wanted to post it on my blog.

Canaan Partners, recently released a slide deck on Slideshare called ” Canaan Entrepreneur Pitchbook” .

It’s a workbook style presentation that is intended to help entrepreneurs give the right pitch to VCs and angel investors. If you have been successful in pitching to VCs/ angels before, what do you think ?


The slide deck below from Sequoia Capital is some solid advice about dealing with the entire economic crisis and recession from a startup standpoint. If you are an entrepreneur in any part of the world, I am sure there’s something useful for you in this deck.

In fact, the slides below give a good synopsis of the entire problem in the US and global markets and the effects which they have had on the global economy and how startups need to deal with new challenges and realities. I especially like slides 46-55, which are strategies which startups can adopt to get past the tough times.

What do you think ? If you run your own startup, what’s your strategy in dealing with the tough times ?

I was at the Bangalore startup lunch last Saturday at the NSCREL, IIM Bangalore. It was a good event overall, with participation from about 8 startups. The agenda of startup lunch was toStartup lunch Bangalore provide a platform for Startups and Job seekers, so that they can get know startups better, their work culture and the works. Went to the event with no specific goal as a job seeker, but ended up having interesting conversations with many founders. The organizing team has a nice scoop of the event here.

Kudos to the organizing team for putting up a great show!Great job guys – Sridhar, Ashish and Pradeep !

If you are interested in working for a startup – here’s a list of startups in Bangalore along with positions that they are looking for.

If you were at the event, these are pics from Pradeep.