Two great reads if you want to understand the nuts and bolts of equity allocation to employees in your startups.

Probably the best VC blogger – Fred Wilson

Evan Reas has some solid insights on planning equity allocation to employees


SLP has one of the many things that has been keeping me busy over the past year. The Startup Leadership Program (SLP) is an initiative to groom the next-generation of startup CEOs. SLP fellows are in their mid-20s to 30s and have demonstrated outstanding potential and achievement in the life sciences, tech, cleantech, and social sectors. Graduates form an international alumni network to support each other’s entrepreneurial endeavors.

SLP initially started out in Boston under TiE Boston and has now grown to six cities including Silicon Valley, New York, Beijing, New Delhi, San Diego.

Me along with a BITS Alumni, Sudip Dutta, CEO of help run the Bangalore chapter of SLP. We are looking for leaders who can lead new chapters as well as take up existing ones. More details follow

Back from a blog vacation

December 7, 2009

It’s been long, real long – a blog vacation for close to an year is not good, but there wasn’t much I could do. I was however pretty active over on Twitter – my handle is @vinodhn and reasonably active on Facebook.

So what was I upto this year ? Well I was on a learning overdrive, I helped a great team bootstrap a product, complete web based product built from scratch, and took it all the way from the PRD to SEO , Marketing and PR.

So yes, the past year has been interesting, did some awesome work and met many a smart people. Learnt insights into the Indian product startup space and learnt and tackled challenges that startups face to get a product market ready.

I hope to share more detailed insights on this journey over the past year with all of you on this blog.

I was at the Bangalore startup lunch last Saturday at the NSCREL, IIM Bangalore. It was a good event overall, with participation from about 8 startups. The agenda of startup lunch was toStartup lunch Bangalore provide a platform for Startups and Job seekers, so that they can get know startups better, their work culture and the works. Went to the event with no specific goal as a job seeker, but ended up having interesting conversations with many founders. The organizing team has a nice scoop of the event here.

Kudos to the organizing team for putting up a great show!Great job guys – Sridhar, Ashish and Pradeep !

If you are interested in working for a startup – here’s a list of startups in Bangalore along with positions that they are looking for.

If you were at the event, these are pics from Pradeep.

Learning from 37 signals

March 19, 2008

Jason from 37signals had a blog post on questioning your work. I think that everyone startup or for that matter any company doing anything worthwhile should ask these questions. Here’s what they propose. The image below is from Jason’s presentation at SXSW.

The above tenets make a lot of sense and it’s worth looking at this the next time you decide to start doing something.