Is the entertainment industry recession proof ?

December 3, 2008

Makes me wonder as I look at Yahoo! Buzz – year in review 2008.  These are the top 10 search terms in Yahoo search.


  1. Britney spears (Music /Entertainment)
  2. WWE (Sports Entertainment)
  3. Barack Obama (Politics)
  4. Miley Cyrus ( Entertainment)
  5. RuneScape (Online gaming entertainment)
  6. Jessica Alba (Movie star / entertainment)
  7. Naruto (Entertainment)
  8. Lindsay Lohan (Movie star / entertainment)
  9. Angelina Jolie (Movie star / entertainment)
  10. American Idol (TV / entertainment)

Note that 9 out of the 10 terms are entertainment oriented, a trend which is similar to 2007.

Wonder if this is a reflection of Yahoo users or whether the entertainment industry is recession proof ? What do you think ? (Note: Britney spears is worth $110 million)

There are two beasts in entertainment which I feel when legalized in India, could change the face of entertainment and prove to be a great opportunity for startups.

  1. Gambling on TV / in casinos.
  2. Pornography on TV.

What do you think ? Any ideas for killer startups in this space 🙂 ? (or should we say hot startups 🙂 )


10 Responses to “Is the entertainment industry recession proof ?”

  1. Seo Guy Says:

    Ya i think it is. Was going through some report on the net which stated that the online gaming industry is on the rise after the recent job layoffs. People are using these means to avoid mental stress.

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  3. Just check out my myspace music page…and Melissa Peterson and Taylor Swift, if you read this, call me, you got my number…-Peace!

  4. Zac Brown Says:

    Hey Clayton,
    Zac here and I got your email. You got some good music man. It was good seeing you at the CMT afterparty. Hey, I heard Melissa Peterson kissed you. Is that true? lets play soon.


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