Innovation in the enterprise – The leaders

October 7, 2008

I was going through the Innovation 2008 report by the Boston Consulting Group(BCG). The main purpose of this effort by BCG was to understand innovation and efforts taken by enterprise to promote innovation and measure ROI on innovation.

The report gives a very holistic picture on innovation and deals with important issues such as measuring returns on Innovation investments.

Following are the world’s most innovative companies. Find the top 10 here, check the report for the complete list. I was extremely glad to find the TATA group in Number 6, ahead of Nintendo, P&G, Sony and Nokia. This is quite an achievement. Here’s the top 10 list along with the reason for selection

1. Apple  – Breakthrough products

2. Google  – Unique customer experiences

3. Toyota Motor  –  Innovative processes

4. General Electric company  –  Innovative processes

5. Microsoft Corporation  –  Breakthrough products

6. Tata group – Breakthrough products

7. Nintendo  – Breakthrough products

8. Procter & Gamble  –  Innovative processes

9. Sony  – Breakthrough products

10. Nokia Corporation  –  Breakthrough products

What do you think about this list ? If you were to make a top 5, what companies would it have ?


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