China Internet and Web 2.0 trends

August 27, 2008

The slide deck below has some really great information on Internet and Web 2.0 trends in China, a market that most of us are not really clued into. Thanks to Trendspotting for putting together this data packed slideshow.

Here what I find most interesting and insightful from the information

  • China has the largest internet user base in the world to the tune of 253m users. They also have the largest mobile subscriber base of 574m.
  • China has a very health internet user sex ratio comprising of 47% women
  • IM, Online music and Online Video/movies are the top three online channels for Chinese youth
  • Out of the top 5 sites in China based on traffic, Yahoo China (No.5) is the only international player out them, others are all local players.
  • Chinese participation in Social media sites is higher than the global daily average.
  • Bulletin Board Sites (BBS) are extremely popular
  • The Total online ad spend per internet user in China is only at $8, however the ad market has heated up and is growing at 50% with increased ad spends due to the Olympics
  • Internet censorship and moral policing are very common in China, in fact 85% of Chinese approve government internet censorship.

So what’s your take on the Chinese internet market ? Do you have more insights ? What do you think are future trends in China ?


4 Responses to “China Internet and Web 2.0 trends”

  1. Ganesh Says:

    It was initiative. They also have nice deck on insights into China’s consumers
    Being into mobile domain I was amazed to know that “71 % of mobile users use MIM (Mobile Instant Messaging) as primary non-voice method of communicating on daily basis in China”

    Nice brief summary Vinodh, it triggered me to find out more 🙂

  2. Great! Thanks a lot.
    The other insight which I found extremely intriguing was the Mobile to Internet ratio of 2.59:1

  3. Kiran Says:

    I don’t know. Seems inflated. You usually can’t believe data coming out of China. Remember Techcrunch doing something similar but not as details and arrington saying data is not believable.

  4. Well that’s definitely something to think about. Also considering the fact that the penetration is pretty low in china around 19% which is lesser than the global average of 20+
    May it’s the sheer volume game that’s propelling these numbers, just like how other industries have been built in China 🙂

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