The User Experience Umbrella

July 10, 2008

Found this very interesting picture which I think explains user experience and the various elements involved in it in a powerful way.

Image courtesy

What do yout think ? Do all these apply to shaping web user experiences too ? Are there other factors ?


7 Responses to “The User Experience Umbrella”

  1. Paul Blunden Says:

    Is it missing taxonomy or have I just missed that?

  2. As the person who quickly made that diagram for a specific purpose, the UX Development Consortium several years ago, I am glad that you found it “powerful”.

    Some of the comments people make right away include “Where is ?” This was not meant to be the complete list. So for “taxonomy” for example, you could lump that in with Information Architecture. Or you could add more. Net: If the profession agrees to work with the others to create better user experiences, they are allowed to be in the diagram.

    A second common comment is around the placement of professions under the umbrella. My profession should be the one to hold it. Why is Project Management outside the umbrella – won’t they be the ones getting really wet? I would not interpret it so literally.

    If you found this version powerful, then I suggest you re-draw it for your particular situation to convey the collaboration and cooperation vision to the groups you need to work together within your organization. You would include different players and arrange them in other ways to send the right message. And then hopefully you all can focus on the user experience.

  3. Thanks Keith for explaining your stance on how you had designed the umbrella. This diagram in fact closely maps to how our UX teams work. The only difference is of course that we have the product management teams work more closely and they have a bigger focus on UX.

  4. So how would you change the diagram for your organization? Split “brand product management” into several roles? Or just move them more under the umbrella? Or make them bigger? Just curious.

  5. I’m not too sure about the brand management part of it, I would move that out of the direct influence of the umbrella, but would definitely have Product management under the umbrella. I look at product managers (at least in a typical web product focused company) as ambassadors of end users. They are the ones who are directly talking to users and understanding the needs of the market. Hence they would be in the best position to validate usability and user experience issues and provide pro-active feedback to the UX teams.

    What do you think ?

  6. Umesh Says:

    I think its high time we stopped separating the designers (or people who are supposed to be doing UX (????)) and developers (who are supposedly mindless coders). According to me these are all people who should have the bigger picture, work together and closely to concieve, design, develop and sell compelling user experiences.

    I dont know if this diagram will help my organisation coz my engineering head is equally responsible for user experience as I’m just that we spend more time on different levels. However we work closely in designing and developing usable services and products.

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