Recap of the last year – Techcruising

April 18, 2008

It’s now almost an year since I started blogging seriously – blogging about work, about trends in technology, product management, user experience and usability.

It’s one year down and this is my 50th post on this blog. Not bad after all, an verage of four posts a month, a post a week!

The other I was just going through my blog stats and wanted to check out the most popular posts etc.

Here’s an excerpt

Top 5 posts and pages of all time along with the number of views

MOSS based internet portals 766
Living in a web 2.0 world ! 316
Apple form factor evolution 247
Microsoft announces eScrum Tool 132
Microsoft Cloud OS 126
About Me 119

Here’s the traffic snapshot over the last year. I think that this is fairly consistent, but would like to hear from experienced bloggers about this trend line.

Any finally search engine terms which brought me in traffic, here are the top terms along with the number of clicks

Web 2.0 211
Product Evolution 107
Apple 75
MOSS Strategy 64
Microsoft 54
MOSS for internet 25

Thanks for all your support, keep the comments and feedback flowing!


2 Responses to “Recap of the last year – Techcruising”

  1. daksh Says:

    Great stuff Vinod !

    A delayed congrats msg from me though 😉 Techcruising is quite impressive. Happy to connect with you.

  2. Thanks a lot daksh. Do let me know what you would like to read and drop by a comment with your thoughts on themes which interest you.

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