Bangalore Startup lunch I

April 8, 2008

I was at the Bangalore startup lunch last Saturday at the NSCREL, IIM Bangalore. It was a good event overall, with participation from about 8 startups. The agenda of startup lunch was toStartup lunch Bangalore provide a platform for Startups and Job seekers, so that they can get know startups better, their work culture and the works. Went to the event with no specific goal as a job seeker, but ended up having interesting conversations with many founders. The organizing team has a nice scoop of the event here.

Kudos to the organizing team for putting up a great show!Great job guys – Sridhar, Ashish and Pradeep !

If you are interested in working for a startup – here’s a list of startups in Bangalore along with positions that they are looking for.

If you were at the event, these are pics from Pradeep.


7 Responses to “Bangalore Startup lunch I”

  1. Vijay Says:

    I’m quite glad to hear this from someone who directly benefited from it.


  2. Yes Vijay definitely, of course there are a bunch of things that we could do to make it all the more better, shared some of my thoughts with the organizers.

    I follow your blog pretty closely and must say that you have some great thoughts/advice for startups. Keep it going!


  3. Vijay Says:

    Most certainly Vinodh. Do feel free to pitch in your thoughts and your efforts to make it more effective.

    I am thinking of putting together a “rules” section, both for the startups and for the job seekers to further fine tune on criteria and for effectiveness. Any suggestions are definitely more welcome.

    if we can evolve this and make it work, more power to the startups in having more control over whom they hire, and I think thats a very crucial problem to solve.

  4. The Weekend Past. Quite eventful….

    Saturday was Startup Lunch in Bangalore and kudos to the guys [Sridhar, Pradeep and Ashish Sinha] who are spearheading the effort there, it went really really really well. There is an account by the organizing team which goes through most of the detail…

  5. Interestingly, ALL the start ups are internet related. Is it a coincidence or by design 🙂

  6. There were some startups which were not Internet based.
    For instance, they had Firetide which was involved in making networking infrastructure products, and NextBit computing which was involved in making hardware communication products.

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