Human Resources or Talent ?

February 20, 2008

I want this blog post to be a tribute to Seth Godin. A man whose articles and blog posts HRhave inspired and motivated me many a times.

I don’t do marketing for a living, but the things which Seth talks in his blog makes so much sense especially being in a services environment where the customer rules supreme.

In his post Marketing HR , he looks how the word “Human Resource” could have come into picture from the industrial revolution era and this I have to agree with him is quite a cruel and crude analogy, people are not resources, they are people after all.

 In the technology industry, people are the key factor for a succesful firm. Compensation for employess are mostly the single biggest expenditure for most tech companies.

Even when acquisitions happen, people look for the talent within the company to be acquired rather than the product or the technology. Simply said, in the tech industry today, it’s just all about the people.

Seth has an interesting proposition to call HR departments “Talent” departments which makes a lot of sense. Every company is looking for talent and it’s the talent that you want to nurture.

The other reason I wanted to write this post was to bring home the importance of caring about people within your company. In a highly stressed out tech industry, this becomes all the more important.

Some companies have been doing a great job at it and I wish others learn from them. Avinash Kaushik has a great scoop on 10 insights from 11 months of working at Google. I was quite impressed after reading this.

Companies in India are also catching on this quite fast and learning from their MNC counterparts, but we really need to go a long way, not just in achieving customer delight but also in achieving employee delight.

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