Of tears and Microsoft !

February 18, 2008

Scoble claims to have been moved to tears after seeing a demo by the Microsoft Research team.

Something like this coming from Scoble is quite rare and this of course led to an avalanche of blog posts and predictions as to what this ground breaking thing could be. Popular predictions included Photosynth , Seadragon etc.

Scoble then came back with ‘Misreading Scoble on Microsoft cry’

One particular line caught my attention

The thing I’m talking about is NOT anything you’ve seen Microsoft do before.

And this

 That said, I think it will stand up to the kind of hype I unleashed yesterday. It is still inspiring me and I still want to get my hands on it as soon as possible.

Wonder what this could be ? Any predictions ? Btw, as per Scoble’s claims we would be getting to know about this by Feb 27.


3 Responses to “Of tears and Microsoft !”

  1. Umesh Says:

    microshaadi.com? 🙂

  2. Umesh Says:

    Will it be something to do with virtual reality? Or is the secret lying in the “tears”?

  3. hahaha… we have to wait and watch.. one interesting thing thought..
    hit http://www.opensourcehero.com and you are redirected to http://www.microsoft.com/opensource/heroes/default.mspx and it says it will be available on Feb 27.08.

    Open source….. Microsoft… ! (:grin)

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