Yahoo’s new WPF messenger for Vista

December 13, 2007

Yahoo released their new version of the popular Y! messenger with an exclusive version built for Vista on WPF. This is currently only for preview. The UX is brilliant, and this app brings more of a human touch to conversations with smooth transitions and the likes.

The app however does not run on XP even if you have .NET 3.0 and the other jazz. But this looks and feels so much like a native Vista app, including the richness and the transparencies. This new version also provides a good deal of customization, with the usual laundry list of features. These two features were extremely useful

  • The Vista gadget which comes along with this IM is very useful and enables you to drag and drop your favorite contacts on to your sidebar so that you can ping them from there itself.

  • Being able to switch between different people that I’m chatting with in a single window.

Multi Window Y! IM

But the bigger question is, ‘What do you think provides more value’ – a quick and dirty IM chat client like Gtalk (also built into your gmail) or an app like this which provides a great UX.


3 Responses to “Yahoo’s new WPF messenger for Vista”

  1. rAm Says:

    The answer to your question depends.
    i) if i am regular mssg. user and most of my time goes on in chatting then an elaborate stuff is needed.
    ii) if i use mssg. for just casual chat then some thing like gtalk is more useful.
    iii) biz. users may have more diff. requirements. eg. need a whiteboard sharing, voice and video call integrated etc.

    there might be more depending on the primary purpose for which one uses mssg.

  2. That’s true Ram. But let’s leave out biz users – if you look at the common user, I think it still boils down to your personal prefernece. Ultimately, it’s going to take you the same time to logon to either gtalk or y! or msn… but it’s what you prefer and where your friends are that matter, dont you think ?

  3. otilik Says:

    don`t you have an multimess for messenger vista?

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