Physics with some crayon

November 17, 2007

Isn’t this game incredibly cool, check the video below. Looks like you really need to know your physics well to play this one 🙂 This one is from Kloonigames and runs on the tablet PC. A PC version of crayon physics is coming soon.

The user experience on this is incredible, watch how the game reacts as the user draws different figures and tries to achieve their objective. With the Wii and PS3 giving PC games a run for their money, I think innovative concepts like this one are a really good answer.

This makes me wonder about the process of gathering requirements for this game. I’m thinking, there are so many scenarios that need to be captured and then taking a call on which ones the game needs to support and deciding others to be left out. Phew ! It’s actually my dream to do requirements, scenarios and functional specifications for a gaming product. Wouldn’t that be cool 🙂


4 Responses to “Physics with some crayon”

  1. Owen Hill Says:

    This looks amazing. I hope I’ll be able to play the PC Version with a mouse.

    I predict a Wii version (or clone) in the future.

  2. Ya, I think that makes a lot of sense to have a Wii version.

  3. Abhilash Says:

    There’s one for the jailbroken iPhone. Sure does kickass!

  4. Ya, I checked that one out, it was awesome!

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