Barcamp Bangalore 5 on Nov 17-18,2007

October 29, 2007

 Update : Participant registrations  for Barcamp Bangalore 5 arenow open. Please go ahead and register at

It’s time to Bar camp again, this time around, the winter edition is happening on the 17 & 18th November, 2007 at IIM Bangalore.

Registerations are not yet open, but watch out this space for more. As with every bar camp, it’s by the people and for the people, so YOU can play a very important role in shaping how BarCamp turns out. You can contribute in many ways – ideas being one which everyone really appreciates. For instance you could participate in the logo contest which is currently going on.

If you company would like to sponsor BarCamp Bangalore 5, leave me a comment or check this page for some of this event’s sponsors. If you are going to be at BCB5, drop me a message and we can catch up at the event.


One Response to “Barcamp Bangalore 5 on Nov 17-18,2007”

  1. ReviewSaurus Says:


    See you at barcamp bangalore… 🙂

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