Round up of “Expression around the clock”

October 5, 2007

Expression around the clock

The Expression around the clock event happened yesterday in Bangalore at Fuga, a cool venue for an even cooler event. This was a global designer conference(taking place simultaneously in 10 venues around the globe) aptly themed “Design is back!” 

The event started with out with registration, Microsoft had a very strict registration and confirmation process for this event and inspite of that the place was packed with people. There were about 200 people and seating was available only for about 70 people.

The event kicked off with a keynote from Shelly Armstrong of the Microsoft Design team. Shelly has been involved in various projects in Microsoft, including the interaction design for the XBox and the Zune. Her talk was totally targeted towards designers and tips on improving UX, design, importance of keeping up with latest trends, networking etc.

After this there was a break, with the bar being opened up [:)]. There was more action ahead though. The next session was by Supreet Singh, an UX designer and Pandurang, a dev. They started out with a desinger dev duel and demostrated how Expression Studio supported the designer-dev collaboration with ease. This was pretty interesting, with Surpreet putting in a video on to his canvas and then Pandurang writing a bit of code for the play and pause functionality.

The dev, (as they put it, didn’t have much idea about UX) and hence he puts up text messages for play and pause. Surpreet then takes this XAML and immediately ports this message into a cool button.

The next part was demos – impressive stuff overall, though I had seen most of them before. The demo which impressed me the most, was the one of a Silverlight video player being able to play 10 high definition videos simultaneously with ease, and the ability for the user to seamless switch between them with no system overload.

Post this was the usual networking session (with more beers though!). Met a couple of interesting people and managed to market ADITI’s UX blog. People seemed to be very interested by this, especially because we are not a design only firm.(Thanks Ram ! for mentioning our blog in your post.)

At the end, Microsoft gave away a goodie bag to each participant. It had a 60-day trial of the Expression Studio, a design magazine and a Reebok t-shirt!.


9 Responses to “Round up of “Expression around the clock””

  1. Upma Says:

    nice post..but u forgot to mention about those snacks n beer…. 🙂

  2. rAm Says:

    thanks for the link.
    some light on to the discussions we had would have added another dimension.

  3. rAm Says:

    thanks for the link.
    some light on to the discussions we had would have added another dimension.

  4. Vinodh Nandakumar Says:

    I know, but the post was getting incredibly long, so 🙂

  5. Umesh Says:

    Ah i think Vinodh got my point. The discussion was fruitful. A separate story focussing only on our discussion rather than diluting this post and making it long. i’m not saying u should post one but i’m glad you understood it.

    Btw did anyone notice a Mac OS X user login screen on one of the tv screens for quite a long time into Shelly’s speech? That was one of the moments i cursed myself for not having a camera with me. A microsoft event and an apple screen beamed on tv.

  6. 🙂 Blunder.

    That was a Mac we had around to show Silverlight demos on the Mac later at the demo showcase. And if you didn’t notice, Supreet was using a 17-inch Mac for his computer – which was running Vista of course!

    Good spotting though – I tried to remove it as soon as possible to avoid distraction! 🙂

  7. Vinodh Nandakumar Says:

    Yup… I saw that… but never sorta struck me as a big deal.. come on this is the era of openness… anyways good job guys… cool event….

  8. Umesh Says:

    @Vinodh: The OSX screen was the blunder Pandurang mentioned. Its not a case of openness. Its a brand jeopardy. For the same reason they didnt mention anything about adobe or compare the expression suite with their products. Just imagine beaming a vista screen on an apple event. A mac with vista running is not a problem as the mac is a better hardware than a PC.

    @Pandurang: Like vinodh said, you guys did a good job. Shit happens but i think not many have noticed. Also you were open to mention services like YouTube etc. I was surprised only coz it was a Microsoft event. I didnt know that Microsoft was open minded :-). But if you are, unlike my perception, then nothing like it. Remember you have to change the world or else might as well go home. All the best and very nice presentation you guys gave. Btw I’m a microsoft loyalist. I have refused to use a mac at work saying i’m more comfortable using XP, and the browser i use is still IE. 🙂

  9. Vinodh Says:

    @Umesh: Get your point on brand jeopardy 🙂

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