Frustrated with Windows Live Mail

June 22, 2007

Man is this irritating or what. I am sure you would share my sentiment if you have been using Windows live mail. Just because I created my hotmail account 7 years back, I have been religiously using id and dont want to change it.

But Windows Live Mail is forcing to me do it. Major issues I have found with this.

1. Tried deleting multiple mail items ? This can be painful, you have approximately a half centimeter by half centimeter square which you need to click to select the message. If you dare click outside this, the message will open up.

2. When you are using Live Mail and you get new mail, doesn’t show up in your inbox even when you perform so action like switching from Junk mail to inbox. You have refresh the Inbox page multiple times to get this shown up in your inbox.

3.  Just try hovering over the messages, the ugly flouroscent higlight takes ages to move from one message to another.

4. Any action that you perform, say deleting the first message will automatically bring focus into the first messsage even after the page reloads.

I could go on and on, as I have felt so much pain using this. But it’s time to stop but I can’t say adieu to my hotmail ID as I have been using this since eternity 🙂


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