Building a mobile application for Microsoft partners

June 21, 2007

I was discussing this idea with one of my colleagues and my boss and we thought that this might provide really good value to Microsoft and partners who come in and out of their numerous buildings in Redmond and Seattle.

The idea 

To build a mobile application for anyone to use to locate Microsoft buildings in Redmond using their mobile phone. The application would be integrated with Outlook and would seamlessly provide information on the various meetings that you have in different buildings in Microsoft, location of person(s) who you are going to meet within the various buildings, help you to drive to your destination with ease and enable you to find visitor parking and locate lobbys/people within Microsoft.


  • All the struggles and frustration that I have faced in trying to find Microsoft buildings within Seattle.
  • The difficulty in finding parking spaces in visitor parking.
  • Inability to find people and endless waiting in the lobby.
  • Ability to quickly find people within Microsoft and talk to them.

I am just putting this down as I am visualizing it, so maybe I might have to put better thought into this, but for me I have no time, so follows a list of features which we could build into this application.

  1. Find driving routes to various Microsoft buildings.
  2. Traffic congestion information and average time to reach destination.
  3. Quick snapshots of your meetings in various Microsoft buildings.
  4. Parking space information in  terms which parking lot has available spaces and the shortest route to each of these.
  5. Ability to find stairs/elevators from parking lots.
  6. Ability to locate lobbys and people whom you need to meet with in the application and communicate with them.
  7. Ability to chat with people whom you need to meet up using Live messenger once the person approves your meeting.
  8. Be able to share data before/after your meeting.
  9. Ability to locate kitchens/cafes/copy rooms/restrooms within a given building.
  10. If you are going to the building as a visitor, ability to get a visitor passed issued automatically by the application once the person approves the meeting request.

And I need to think more on this. So more later.


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